Philippines- Day 5

Today we hit the ground running with our language and technical training. "Technical" meaning our actual job while we are here. We also learned more about our time with our host families and the region we will be going to after Initial Orientation (IO) After next week, I will be residing with a host family in Bagac, Bataan. 

I ended the day by riding a jeepney to the mall. This was exciting for two reasons. One being, I wanted to get more comfortable using the most common form of transportation and the second reason was because I had not left the 11RR grounds prior to today. Now I have and I am one step closer to being integrated in the country. For a second, I was beginning to doubt that I was really in the Philippines because being surrounded by 69 other Americans, it seemed as if were were at some sort of summer camp. Now that I have ventured to the mall I now know it's REAL!


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