Where I’ve Been + Where I’m going

21 countries and counting! I’ve studied in Costa Rica and Sengal; served as a volunteer in the Philippines and led a group of students to Haiti. Looking forward to seeing where the next adventure takes me. Most of my international experiences have been for educational purposes or affiliated with a music or volunteer program. Rarely, do I travel internationally for leisure and that is partly because I am not able to spend a substantial amount of time understanding a culture as I would like. Below complete the word search of all the places I’ve traveled to followed by the obligatory “Travel Bucket List.” 

Word Search.jpg

Travel Bucket List

  • Tanzania

  • Colombia

  • Madagascar

  • Mozambique

  • Egypt

  • South Africa

  • Virgin Island

  • Argentina

  • Cuba

  • Spain (Barcelona)

  • Greece

  • Ghana

  • Puerto Rico

  • Hawaii

  • Brazil

  • Italy (Rome)

What is on your travel bucket list?