Philippines- Day 4 (The Philippine Fiesta)

Today was full of cultural exchange. We talked a bit about Peace Corps policies and then we moved into groups that traveled to different stations including Rituals, Holidays, Food, Games, and Songs. There was a lot of food, songs, and dance. Lots of videos were taken as well. That is part of the reason why this particular post won't be too lengthy. Yes I did eat Balut and the video will be posted.  The last part of the evening was spent watching a cultural performance by the UPLB Cultural Group. Similar to a university dance troop and they were impressive. Once again, I have video footage that will be released later. 

The other exciting part of this day was learning our site placements for the rest of Pre-Service Training. (PST) All trainees will be in the municipality of Bataan but the Child, Youth, and Family sector will be placed in Bagac.


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