Peace Corp Philippines- The White Castle Bond

Before I begin this story, I would like to point out that Filipinos are serious about their Videoke (Karaoke with video) Today I heard videoke begin at 7:00 in the morning. I have heard is starts earlier. I've never been a big Karaoke person but I have a feeling that will change in 27 months.

Alright, on to the story. This morning two of my batch mates were discussing drunken morning food they like to eat. The guy mentioned White Castles and I could not help but jump in on the conversation. It was comforting to know there was someone to talk to about such a specific food that isn't widely desired.

Before leaving St. Louis, I ate White Castles three times in one week. It just so happened that my companion did as well. Then I took the conversation a bit further to test his loyalty to the White Castle. I made the statement that their breakfast was amazing. He agreed by stating it was the best fast food breakfast. 

But the story he tells me next defeats any of my White Castle experiences. 

His grandfather is 86 and eats White Castles at least three times a week. He was once a truck driver and would go to White Castles for breakfast. Even today the grandfather will go to White Castles and purchase a crave case with 20 sliders and refrigerate the sliders he doesn't eat and saves them for later in the week. The story continues...take a minute to guess what he dips his sliders in...

(1 minute)

It was coffee!!! Similar to a doughnut dipped with morning coffee, he would have a white castle slider. This was a habit the grandfather learner from his father meaning this is a habit that was passed down for 4 generations. My batch mate just recently joined in on the tradition and showed me pictures to prove it. He didn't enjoy it but he has memories of him and his grandfather enjoying White Castles sliders with their morning coffee. What a great story to start my day.


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