Philippines- Day 3 (Reality Check)

Ok I know I'm a few days behind but give me a break. Between adjusting to a 13 hour time change, and trying to cram everything we should know about the Philippines in the hours of 8am and 5pm it is hectic.

Today I had a my weight checked so I have my starting weight (I'm not sharing with the world) but at least over the next 2 years I can see my progress. I've heard its easy for women to gain weight here because of all the sweets and carbohydrates. So I need to actively combat that. 

Just a quick observations about the weather here: It's humid ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! Now coming from Missouri where the weather is bipolar and having roots in Mississippi where humidity is constant. I'm use to my fair share but this humidity is different in the sense that it fluctuates throughout the day.

Today was a full of realizations and here are some of the things that have come into focus since being here:

  • This is the beginning of the rainy season. It's only going to get more rainy
  • The summer months begin in February so if I think its hot now, I'm scared to see what the summer months bring
  • I will be a practitioner of International Development.
  • The Filipinos don't NEED us. They know how to survive typhoons and take care of their families on their own. We are just an additional resource that give them the capacity to do more things and sustain those endeavors.
  • I have too much crap....and it's still coming. I received a canvas bag with other goodies, including a water bottle but that means I could have left a bag at home. I have a first aid kit, mosquito net, and rain boots coming and I have no clue where I'm going to put it or how I will be able to transport it to my next site.
Keep reading and I will have photos very soon.


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