VIDEO: Philippines- Day 2

The first day of Initial Orientation went smoothly. Most of the day was spent filing out paperwork and meeting our Peace Corps Training Staff. I received my peace corps "swag" and goodies and I picked up some new words and phrases in Tagalog  I'm looking forward to the language training. Most of my afternoon was free so a nap was in order. That was probably the fastest I have ever went to sleep and it was a DEEP sleep. I woke up feeling drugged. If it wasn't for my roommate reminding me it was dinner time I'm sure I would have slept for the rest of the evening. I would be highly upset if I cannot go back to sleep with that same intensity. 

Since I don't have much to report on today. I would like to share this video with you introducing some of the people that are joining me on this journey through Peace Corps Philippines.


**This video does not reflect the views and/or opinions of the Peace Corps and/or US government.**