Philippines- Day 1

Magandang Gabi/Good Evening

My feet are on Filipino soil!
I am in the Philippines. Last time I checked it was 4th of July and now it is late Sunday night. Since jet lag is real and in full swing right now, I am just going to share some moments and thoughts I have had in the past 3 hours since I arrived.

  • I had a layover in Tokyo, Japan and from the sky the city reminded me of the midwest. Maybe a bit more green.

I used the restroom and the toilet was to high tech with buttons and gadgets. I was afraid to touch too much, in fear of playing out the bathroom scene from the movie B.A.P.S. However, I was unable to find the simple flush button so I choose the best option. It stated "flush sounds" My hope was that it would did not. It just made continuous loud flushing noises that I could not stop so I just turned down the volume extra low and eventually found the manual flush lever.

  • I am really in an Asian country. Never did I imagine myself in this part of the world but I am.
  • During my ride to my housing site, the streets reminded me of the streets of Costa Rica. On one block I felt like I was in Puerto Viejo on a boardwalk area near and beach and the next block made me feel like I was in San Jose en route to barrio California.
  • At customs, the officer told me to come close to the counter. I assumed there was a problem with my passport/visa since I just told the gentleman I would be in his country for two years. I leaned in intently and with a serious face he asked "Are you going to miss the Big Mac?" What a great way to break the ice and make me feel at ease in my new home.
  • Lastly, as I boarded the bus in darkness and into the unknown I said to myself "I am ready for this" My study abroad experience has prepared me culturally and my work experience with leadership conferences for students has prepared me professionally. I really am ready for this.
Kita tayo maya-maya/See you later


**This post does not reflect the views and/or opinions of the Peace Corps and/or US government.**