VIDEO: Invitation to the Peace Corps

I've heard it happens when you least expected and that is an understatement in my case. I was on my lunch break for work and I was chatting with colleagues about my blog and the Peace Corps application component. When I tell them I have applied the follow-up question is always "Where are you going" Every time I seem to take a small sigh and respond "I don't know yet. I'm waiting on my invitation" Today was no exception. I told my colleagues I was hoping to hear from the Peace Corps at any moment.

As a tactic to shy away from the conversation, I buried myself in my phone to take my mind off the matter. I ventured into my email, sifting through the junk and sales notification and there I saw a emailed with the subject line "Peace Corps - Invitation!" For some reason that exclamation point signaled to me that this was the real deal and not some Peace Corps Newsletter update. Before opening it, I looked around me at my colleagues to see if it was the appropriate time to open it. I didn't know whether to make a scene or not but I think my face gave it away because the young lady across from me asked if I was okay. I told her I just received my Peace Corps invitation and I didn't know what to do. After being demanded to open it, I did. All I saw in bold letters was Philippines. 

Being the momma's girl I am, I immediately hopped on FaceTime and told her the news. Here's a short clip of what the first 15 minutes after I received my invitation looked like.