Peace Corps Placement: I'm taking bets!

On Friday, I received my education placement questionnaire. This questionnaire asks detailed questions about my intention to serve in the Peace Corps. They also check sure I am aware and will comply with the Peace Corps policies such as housing and dietary restrictions. This means I am one step closer to receiving my INVITATION! If you haven't done so already, please go checkout my Peace Corps application timeline and see how far I've come.

Now I am letting you all join in on the guessing game. I am officially taking bets on where the Peace Corps is most likely to place me!

To help narrow down your options, I have attached a map of where Peace Corps volunteers serve. Click on the map below and take your pick. After reading this post please leave a comment below and tell me the country you think I will serve. This is meant to be fun so you are more than welcome to list any country you would like me to go to.

I look forward to reading all the guesses!
Who will guess correctly?

Javonni McGlaurin