The Investment: Peace Corps Expenses

As I applied for the Peace Corps I was made aware that before I even step foot in the country that it would be an investment. Since receiving my invitation I am seeing this come to fruition. Below is a ongoing list of my Peace Corps expenses. These expenses reflect any money being spent no matter the sum. Big or small, I am keeping receipts and recording how much I am actually paying before I arrive in the Philippines. For those interesting in applying for the Peace Corps, keep these things in the back of your mind.

$35.42 Mailing my Legal Kit via FedEx

$0.00 Passport/Visa Pictures via AAA Plus Membership

$25.00 Passport Execution Fee

$10.05 Mailing Passport Application via FedEx

$2.38 Printing Medical Documents via FedEx

$30.00 Polio Booster
More to come....


Javonni McGlaurin