A Busy Weekend

This weekend I FINALLY did something to get out the house. I couldn’t take the boredom any longer. Friday there was a suprise birthday party at Reb’s house for Thomas, Courtney H., and Lacie. Lacie didn’t come though becasue her boyfriend was in town so she was with him. The morning of the suprise party it was no logner a suprise because one of the people coordinating the party sent a message to everyone, including the people the suprise was for. It worked out anyway because everyone came and we all had a good time eating, playing Dance Dance Revolution, and singing Karoke. It was so cute to hear Rebe and her hubby sing “Music of the Night” because they got married to a Phantom of the Opera theme. I told Rebe that she was so cool as a program director because I don’t know that many people with a position like her that would go out with us and let us have a party at her house espcially since she is married with a child. She is really appreciated.
     It was around midnight when I got home and it was a rough night because I still had to pack for the beach and be up at the corner store at 5am. All I did was throw things into a duffle bag and check facebook for any updates on the trip. I realized the bus didn’t leave until 7:30 so I was not rushing at 5am. I sent a message to the person I was meeting at 5am and told her I was sleeping for an extra hour. I was hoping she got the message. Then I went to sleep. At 6am, I got up still feeling tired but walked out the house and over to my friends house. But of course she didn’t get my message. It takes about 30 minutes for her to wake up and she said she was waiting for me at the corner at 5am. Finally we get our lives together, get change for the cab and go to the bus station to wait for everyone else. This was my first time catching a bus similar to a Greyhound for longer trips. The bus was $4 and some change and waited for everyone else. When they came we got on the bus and went to Puntareanas.

    Punteranas was having a carnaval and Salsa festival with Oscar De Leon, a famous salsa musician. We arrived to the beach around 9:30/10am. I realized that I packed WAY too much for a day trip to the beach. We walked around for hours trying to find a hotel and found none available. I didn’t know we were going to be partying as well I thought we were just going to be planted on the beach. When none of us could find a hotel we just found a storage area to change and put our bags for safe keeping while we are walking around. The entire day was a little frustrating. I was tired of carrying around all that stuff. But after we all changed we went to get churchill ice cream sundaes. It was like strawberry flavored snowcone with pie crust in the middle and more strawberry flavor at the bottom. Topped with whipped cream and on the side they gave you little tin cans that looks like tuna and its condensed milk flavoring to put on the sundae. MMMMM! To die for! Then we walked to find a place to sit and relax. We also went on the banana boat ride which was a first for me. I thought I was going to fall off that little inner tube but we all had fun being in the water. Halfway through our walking one of the members of our group disappeared and I didn’t see him for the rest of the trip, he missed out on the Churchills and banana boat. After the concert with De Leon, it turned out that he went back to San Jose and didn’t tell anyone. The beach all together was fun and good to get away from San Jose and my program.

     I took a nap on the beach, watch the sunset with all the locals dancing on the beach and in the streets. We were suppose to go back at 4am but we didn’t make it because I didn’t want to party with my big bag. So we rushed to pick up our stuff and get to the bus stop before the last bus left for the night. But then we got lost going to get our stuff from storage but we made it to the bus by a close call. Otherwise we would have really been stuck until 4am.  So that was my weekend. Sunday was my recovery day.

- The Natural Travelista