Random Day of Thoughts

  • In the process of learning Spanish, I am also improving on my grammar in the English language. Some words that we frequently use does not exist in the Spanish language. For example, "get" does not have a direct translation. This forces me to use other verbs such as; to obtain, to recieve, to win, to fetch, to catch. Also contractions do not exist so in the midst of translating “hasn’t, wasn’t, wouldn’t, haven’t or can’t” I think the complete sentence in my head causing me to speak correct grmmar for the sake of translating. Especially when I talk to ticos trying to learn english.

  • In Puntarenas, I had my first experience with street food. They had these grilled chicken on a stick things and people would just have a cart set up and grill them for you right there. They were AMAZING and they only cost 1mil, 1 thousand colones, $2. I kept going back to get them. Looking back on it, I'm so glad I didn't get sick. 

  • I just saw someone riding a bicyle with a motor attached to the side so he really had him a homemade motorcycle!

  • Saber, Salir, Decir, Conocer are the words I have the most difficult time conjugating.

  • So, I was just walking and I smelt a whiff of white castles. What I wouldn’t give for a greasy gas burger right now and soggy crinkle fries with the right amount of salt!

  • People here don’t believe in trash can unless its in the bathroom for your toilet paper. I have not seen a trashcan in anyones kitchen
- The Natural Travelista