"The American Way"

These are some things I have observed from the people in my program. These are examples of cultural insensitivities that I have witnessed. No names will be revealed. These are people who consider themselves “Normal Americans”
  • A male not shaking hands with a very friendly boy on the street. This male says “Sorry, my hands are clean from just showering”
  • A female that flaunts her wealth continues to ask people for money only when she is at a bar and the money goes back to beer bar tabs.
  • A male offering to loan me clothes I like but wants to give them to me dirty and tell me to wash them. Do I look like your maid???
  • A female treating their Mama Tica with disrespect as if she is her servant. If this gracious hosts takes time out of the morning to make fresh fruit, I feel you can at least acknowledge the kind gesture and not bypass it.
  • A male who I rarely talk to asks to borrow money from me. We don't talk but you will approach me only to ask me for money.
  • A female acts like a five year old child has a meltdown in the middle of a street if a house is painted her favorite color and she uses the word “horsies." Last time I checked we were all in college.
  • A male buys 5 buckets of beer for himself, gets drunk and doesn’t remember what happens the night before. Then is upset when his bar tab is at least $50 for himself. Not to mention if he covers for somebody else.
  • A female that thinks that every person on the street, that offers to give directions and is not wearing American name brand clothes are homeless.
- The Natural Travelista