Costa Rica: Day 6

My birthday is in 10 days!! I’m excited. Today we ate breakfast and took a little longer to eat. We hoped we didn’t miss the shuttle because this is the one day when we really needed it. My roomie and I were bringing our suitcases with us to school so we could leave straight from the school for our first weekend excursion. Luckily, Victor came and got us right on time.
In class we watched a movie called “Elsa y Fred” it was in spanish with subtitiles but only in spanish as well. It was a cute movie about a silly old lady that was sick. At the begining she hit a parked car and told the little boy that saw the accident not to say anything. She met the grandfather of the boy (Fred) and they became friends and then started dating. The children of these older people couldn’t believe they were actually dating. They had so many adventures, like walking out on the check in an expensive restaurant. They said no one would expect them to skip out on the check. Then when they tried to escape the car stopped. Elsa ran out of gas. They also took a trip to Rome without telling their families.
Also in class, my first exam is coming up next week. I’m nervous, I stayed behind in class for about 20min to get her to help me understand a litlle bit more and the lunch break went by SO FAST. Now I'm on the bus going to Monteverde. We have a tour guide talking to us, telling us everything we are passing. Also it feels goog to be around AIFS people. Just Us. Bonding time.
5pm- On the bus and a girl already threw up from motion sickness. We are going all around the mountain and then we walked across a suspended bridge above a creek. Some poeple couldn’t do it because of weak stomachs.
Ok, its almost 12am and I had a long busy day. I thought I was going to sleep on the bus but that didn’t happen. I had time to sleep and I didn’t take advantage of it. When we got off we quickly checked in to the hotel and changed to get ready for Hot Springs.

OMG!!!!!! I had so much fun there. Its like a amusement park/spa where all the natural spring water was hot. It was coming from the side of the volcano. I was so thrilled. All I wanted to do was soak and take pics but that didn’t happen because all the groups either stayed in one spot or moved around to find bars but I comprimised and did both. The security guard we met showed us to the highest point of the spa and it was so secluded and tranquil. I could have had fun hanging with the group but I’m glad I got all my pictures unlike others. Afterward we had a buffet dinner under one of the slides. It was good except for the fruit flies everywhere. After that we left and returned to the hotel. I had a little issue with the locker and sharing it with 4 other girls at the Hot springs but I wasn’t letting it get to me. After hanging out with others by the pool, I made my way to the bed. Now i’m going to sleep since breakfast is at 7am!

-The Natural Travelista