Costa Rica: Day 4 (Part 2)

When I got home my mama tica wasn’t there but her husband and the maid (Sofia) were. As I mentioned before it isn’t unsually for familes to have maids especially the older ticos. The maid came to my room and I had the worst conversation that could occur in life. I didn’t understand ANYTHING she was saying. I was lucky if I understood anything she said because she was speaking SO fast. Finally I got the gist of things. She was asking me to walk with her somewhere and we were catching the bus. I think it was to take the bus into the city. 

Luckily we ran into my roommate on the way out. She kind of helped translate. But not by much. Then I told Sofia that I was going to the store with friends and I asked if they could come. She said yes. So we went to get Kayla. Kayla met Sofia and we went to find Jordan. Then I told Kayla that Sofia was 18 and in high school. This entire time I thought she was older than she is. We couldn’t find Jordan so we left without her. As we walked to the bus stop I finally figured out we were going to San Jose, the downtown version. The bus ride was eye-opening. I saw more of the city and how big it is in population but small in proximity. When we got all the way downtown we went walking around and shopping. Kayla was looking for a swimsuit but it was difficult because all they had were small bikinis that barley cover. Finally we found a suit that fit enough. By the time we were done it was dark and we decided to catch a cab back to our neighborhood. This was another test to see if I could get around this city. I told the man where my house was and showed him the address and we arrived in less than 10mins and less than $10 and then had my international business class later.
*Sidenote: At school I’m not use to being on campus late but night classes that let out at 8 and 9pm were common*
My international business class was a disappointment because the teacher was in Spain! The substitute just went over the syllabus and made us answer take a silly questionnaire about the most random things. None of them had to do with each other or international business. So I got out of that class early and I think I went home. I walked with this girl named Tracy. She’s with AIFS like me, that’s the name of our program. When I came home I could hear Jessica was already home. Then I also heard a man’s voice so that must be our “brother-in-law” When I walked in the kitchen Paula, our sister came to visit with her husband and he speaks English so I was all smiles. I sat down and began my dinner. He was really looking out for us. He asked how clases were, the adjustment and if there were any problems in the house, I only asked about the internet. My first dessert in the house was ice cream with a caramel/cinnamon flavor.
Next on the agenda was my homework. I had so much to do but I kept getting sidetracked from people talking to me but I completed it all and I felt very productive. Finally I was going to have a little time to talk on the phone especially since I had my new calling card. I knew I could talk to some friends. I was getting ready for bed and couldn’t find my calling card….I looked EVERYWHERE in my room. I turned my bed inside out and still nothing. I was SO angry. It seems as if something has happened to upset me, everyday except Monday (my day 2 entry)I cried myself to sleep for the 3rd time this week and I still have 15 more weeks. I don’t know how I will deal. 
*Sidenote: I just realized I have 16 hour days everyday. I wake at 6am and don’t sleep til 12am! At least I’m not as homesick as the one girl that has cried in public and just seems depressed. She even cried over breakfast. I think I'm going to be worn out sooner than I thought*

- The Natural Travelista