Weekend in Nicaragua: Part 3

     The next day we did more touring. We went on a water lagoon boat tour, saw a water volcano and went on a horse carriage ride. The lagoon ride was peaceful and pretty... until the monkeys came. We pulled up to a huge tree and inside the tree were monkeys. I saw three of them and we all started taking pictures. One boat was getting particularly close and one of the monkeys hopped on the boat. It became a fiasco. This monkey was then hopping from boat to boat. When it came to my boat the monkey stunned me how it was walking down the aisle like it was a human. She was perching herself on peoples shoulders looking for stuff to take. Some people took good pictures of the monkey right next to me. I found out later there was a man that rescued these three monkeys and they were use to playing with humans. The one that we met was Lucy and was very friendly. 

Lucy, El Mono
     After the boat ride we saw the water volcano which use to be an actual land volcano. The last time it erupted it submerged and a crater grew being filled with water. Most of the mountains that you see around Nicaragua are actually volcanoes and most of them are active. I’m not completely sure how a water volcano works but I would think it would be hot or very acidic but the water was clear and I actually saw a sail boat in the middle of the volcano! I am still confused on how it got there. Also at the site of the volcano I bought a purple and white sling over bag that said Nicaragua. One of my first souvenirs for myself. 

After that tour we returned to Granada and our hotel for lunch until our carriage ride at 3pm. We went to lunch at a place that reminded me of an American pub. They had things in English an it made my day when I saw a St. Louis Cardinals jersey hanging in the restaurant. 

After lunch it was time for the carriage ride. I rode with Julie and Mary and our tour guide Dave! The ride went all around the city of Granada. I’m glad David went on my carriage because otherwise it would have been boring and I wouldn’t know what anything was. After the ride I went back to the hotel and took a long nap until dinner time. This was a very exhausting day. I am glad I was able to write about it so I didn't forget the amazing things we did today.

-The Natural Travelista