Costa Rica: Day 4 (Part 1)

Breakfast- same fruit with pear juice and toast with bread and cheese and bologna and coffee once again. Me and my roomie were talking about last night but we stopped when our mama told us to talk in Spanish but we didn’t want to take the time to translate everything in our head.

In my spanish class we did alot more work and it was harder to understand the professor but the assingments were easy. The homework on the other hand was intense we had to talk to ticos about newspapers and write about urban legends from the U.S. and what not. 
At lunch there was a little dilema ordering my food. I wanted a calzone in addition to the empenada that I already ordered but I don’t think he heard me so I told him again and when I went to pay I thought I paid for both but I guess not because he kept skipping me and never made my calzone. I don’t know what happened because I really wanted a calzone but eventually I found out that I did not pay for it. Also during lunch I finally learned how to work the ATM which is the ATH here and I got out a large amount of colones. Then I met up with my resident director to finally get my welcome package. It included a map, a flyer of the place we are going this weekend, 2 postcards, 2 stamps and reference information to keep on us at all times and there was a 20 min calling card. I was excited because I now had a way to talk to to people.
I didn’t have class until 6:15pm so I had a huge gap to get things done so after I ate I got started on my homework so I wouldn’t have a repeat of last night. I’m learning how to be proactive with my homework time here. I also typed a little of my blog but most of the time up til 3pm was used for homework.
At 3pm- I had a meeting with 2 friends to go to the store and buy things. I just needed household/hygiene items. 
*Sidenote: by the time this journal/blog gets to next week it will be boring after eating the same breakfast and going to the same classes*

-The Natural Travelista