Costa Rica: Day 3 (Part 2)

Goodmorning/Buenos Días

Here is the continuation of my third day. After the conversation with the family ended. My mama tica asked if I wanted to wait to eat dinner so I could eat with my roommate. At first, I waited but because I didn’t know what time she would return. I decided to eat without her. So for dinner I had something with potatoes cut up and meat. It had some tang to it but it was good especially when I ate it with my RICE! 

Then I had a salad that was made out of cold cooked broccoli, onions, and mushrooms. It had 2 of the 3 things I do not eat (onions and mushrooms) but I ate it to be polite. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I just washed it down with Pineapple juice. I got started on my homework but didn’t get much done because I was trying to use the internet and started talking to friends.

I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier but my internet that you would think works in the entire house one works in PARTS of my roommates room and it is a very low signal. No Bueno. Then it was time to go to dance lessons. I was walking and thankfully Victor was waiting with the shuttle near my house and there were other people I know waiting as well.

8pm- Dance classes started. It was fun, we learned the basics of Merengue. I wanted to stay longer but the people I walked with wanted to go out to a bar so I was going to go with them but because someone didn’t have their ID or colones we had to go back to our homes. 
*Sidenote: I still don’t have colones, I had a few coins that was given to me as change when I paid in dollars dollars but I needed to convert my dollars into colones.*

I really didn’t want to go out but my roommate convinced me to go so she wouldn’t have to walk back by herself so I went against my will. I was tired and had a little homework. We walked to meet our other friends and when we were ready to take a cab to the bar, he said he can only take 4 people and we had 5 so I stayed behind with one of the girls in our group so she wouldn’t be staying out by herself. We ran into another group going to the same bar so I waited to take a taxi with them but they wanted to wait awhile for more people…the more I waited, the more tired I got. When more people came we finally went. I only continued to go because I didn’t want my friends and roommates to feel stood up. But in actuality I was the one to get stood up!!!!! The original group I was with didn’t end up at the bar. I don’t know if they went home or to another bar or anything! So I was kinda stuck there. I got a ticket for one drink when I went in, I got my one drink and looked upset and bored the rest of the night. People were trying to cheer me up but I could only think about the homework I had to do and how I felt bad for starting off on the wrong foot. FINALLY, I went home with some other students. This was my first time taking a taxi home and I was nervous about the driver finding my house because the address was not a numbered address but more like directions but the taxi driver took me right to my door.

12am- I’m back home. The house is very quiet and still, I go upstairs and low and behold! My roommate is in her room asleep as if she had been there all night. I just did the remainder of my homework which went by faster than I thought. Then I’m getting ready for bed and now i’m writing about this crazy hectic day. Sleep is taking over.
Buenas Noches

- The Natural Travelista