Costa Rica: Day 3 (Part 1)

Man, oh, man. I have alot to say today

I woke up at 6am and forgot I was waking up to another day speaking only spanish. Took another cold shower but with some hot water and was a little excited about the first day of class. After my roommate and I went downstairs we had our daily dose of fruit and since I told her i didn’t like papaya, she gave me bananas instead. Then we had pineapple juice again. In addition to the normal bread and coffee we were also served beans and rice and hot dogs (what i thought was ham). When we left for school we got stopped by a man in a unmarked van. His name is Victor, he works at the school and I first met him at the airport. My roomie and I were not sure if he was just making casual conversation or trying to kidnap us in broad daylight so we kept walking past him. Our sense of nervousness was heighten when we saw 2 girls getting in a van with Victor. Finally we realized these vans were the shuttles to the school and we walked past all of them. It was just a ¨healthy paranoia¨ as someone said earlier.

When I came home the grandchildren were home. I felt like I was in an interrogation because the family was asking questions left and right and at that moment I didn’t feel confident anymore speaking spanish, especially with ticos speaking very fast amongst each other. The only comfront that I had was the 13 year old grandaughter that was interested in learning english. They gave me a cookie/dough/pastry thing, it was like carmel, they kept saying “con leche” meaning caramel but it had a apricot tasting fruit in the middle but it was very sweet. I can tell instead of losing weight I’m going to keep gaining more with all the rice, beans and carbs. I also gave my tica mama her gift which was a beach-like bag with names of places in St. Louis on it like the Magic House, Busch Stadium, The Arch, the Zoo etc. She really liked it and I’m glad since it wasn't really Tico fashion or the style of an older woman.
More to come…its late and I’m tired

- The Natural Travelista

P.S. This is random but we have a maid and in the United States only wealthy people have them but here its quit normal. I haven’t met her yet. I've only seen her a few times helping in the kitchen. Goodnight for real. Long day again tomorrow.