One Month Later

Alright its been eactly one month since I came to this new country and its the first day i didn’t have to wake up at 6am to go to spanish class. This month I am free in the mornings and I will not start up spanish classes again until next month. But let my explain how my productive day went.
7am: Woke up had breakfast for the morning and then went back to sleep.
10am: Woke up again. Checked facebook to see what I was going to do today with a friend from another program. Showered, got dressed, etc.
11am: Left with my friend and walked to Central Commerical del Sur. It's a strip mall near my house. There I bought school supplies for this donation project, bought a postcard to send, household needs, Then went to Pequeño Mundo and bought some snacks for the house and of course I couldn't leave without a pair of shoes. Then we had the deadly task of trying to cross the street to get to McDonalds for my Tapita McFlurry. We almost caused an accident because we don’t know how Tico Traffic works. I got my McFlurry but they were out of the Tapita flavor :-( I can never get the food exactly the way I want…but I got oreos instead and it had fudge in it. That was a pleasant suprise. Next we had to figure out how to get back across the street safely. We waited for about 5 minutes. They we got smart and decided to walk when the locals walked. That got us across with no troubles.

12:30: We went to get a cheap sandwich from the bakery around the corner from our house. It only cost 400 colones. (80 cents) Then we went home and I took a nap til 3:45 and finally head to school for the first time that day. Now I have a class at 6pm and I’m ready to get it over with.

- The Natural Travelista

Javonni McGlaurin