A Week Later: Guitar Lessons in Costa Rica

It’s been a while since I checked in but nothing interesting occurred this week but now I have stories from this weekend. February has gone by very fast. 5 days and it’s almost over. Well I guess I will start with last Monday. It was valentines day. Nothing exciting happened with me. I went to Rebe’s house and visited her since she was sick and also to get my hair products since I was miserable all weekend. I was proud of myself because I conquered the bus and got all the way over there. Her daughter was sick as well so I played with her too and she was singing for me. That’s all I did for my valentines day. On Tuesday I finally went to guitar classes. I was nervous because I know the classes were taught in Spanish. I think the instructor was nervous too because he said he would open up another class for the study abroad students. But he still let me stay and watch. Once the classes started I was listening and watching a lot. I was actually picking up on the things he was teaching and taking notes even if I couldn’t understand perfectly.

     I then realized the day he was scheduling for the study abroad students was during one of my classes. I asked him if I could stay in the Spanish taught class because I was understanding plus I have been in band since 4th grade. I understand the basic concepts of music. Also, I have a guitar at home and took some lessons. I was putting up a good argument and a girl in the class offered to help me as well for the things I don’t understand. So for me the guy allowed me to stay. I was so excited and also earlier Rebe told me she had a spare guitar I could borrow. I was SO excited. I was thanking God because he really blessed me for this one. I was looking forward to going to lessons on Thursday with my guitar in hand and having practiced but things didn't play out how I wanted it. Thursday Rebe gives me her guitar and I go to a park to practice what I picked up in class. When it was time for class I waited outside where we were suppose to be but there was a class in the room. I waited until the class got out but by then it was 6:30 and the guitar class starts at 6pm. I went to check the original room where the classes are suppose to be but there was a sign saying Room 229, which is the class I had been waiting at. I walked around the building 3 or 4 times and could not find anyone. So I just went home but was disappointed because I wanted to participate in the class. I hope it got cancelled and I didn’t miss anything.

- The Natural Travelista

Javonni McGlaurin