Weekend in Nicaragua: Part 2

Sorry I’ve been neglecting you with the details of Nicaragua. I kinda fell off the bandwagon with my entries but I’m picking back up. So for almost three weeks you have seen my day to day routine and it’s getting extremely boring since I’m not taking any Spanish class this month so I’m gonna change the format of my entries and do random spurts of things going on and since it’s been a while I’m just gonna spill everything out in random form. Lets first talk about my weekend trip to Nicaragua.

    Ok first we left from school at 12pm. We got picked up from a church close to my house instead of school where I had already taken my stuff. I didn't understand the change of location but my program director explained it later. The reason for this was because we were traveling with another group instead of “Tico Viajeros.” This is the group that the school sponsors for all excursions. The group that we went to Nica with use to work for Viajeros but there were conflict of interest but we still ended up going with the family group. So instead of causing friction in front of the school they picked us up somewhere else.

    The bus disappointed me because we were traveling a longer distance and we had to sit with partners and no restroom on board. The bus was small. It doesn’t help that I was having issues with my stomach right before we left. I was nervous but when we got on, the bus ride was descent. I guess as a part of our package we get drinks because the woman started serving us from a cooler in the back of the bus. On the way there people were getting drunk from beers, rum and coke, wine, egg nog made with rum and then other drinks the people in the program bought with them. 

When we finally arrived to the borders we had to get off and get stamped to leave CR, drive to another customs place to get stamped to come into Nicaragua. This process was quicker coming in than it was leaving. When we left Nica, everyone must have been fleeing the country because it took an hour or more to leave the Nica border. I took a nap and woke up and we were still waiting to leave the country. That is why even though we left a 8am we didn’t return til 6pm. Once we arrived to our hotel for Nica, people were deciding to go out to eat but me and my roomie were not hungry. So we just stayed inside. To be continued....

- The Natural Travelista
Javonni McGlaurin