Costa Rica: Day 9

I really don’t know what to do. Technology is so hard to use here. All I ask for is some good internet connection in my room and I will be satisfied. Nothing else will bother me.
I'm also starting to notice how much the other American students complain. They forget that they are not in the US and can't be picky like they may be use to. We are suppose to adapt to their lifestyle not the other way around. That's what this experience is all about.
But today I didn’t do much. I had class, and went on a bus tour with my director to Mall San Pedro and bought some household items and got a pedicure. My international business class was good and I will have to post some FYI’s. I came home and meet my tico nephew who is around the same age as me. Once I completed my homework. I was off to bed.

- The Natural Travelista