Costa Rica: Day 10

Just had mango this morning. It was OH so good! I've always had the artificial juices I never knew how the actual fruit tasted. I have never had so much coffee in my life but now i'm slightly addicted. It wakes me up early in the morning for breakfast. 
Class was challenging. I didn’t understand many of the concepts and I can tell my style of learning is different from everyone elses. Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up. I went to the Gold museum in downtown San Jose. Now i’m going to yoga It has been long frustrating busy day…..sigh…..
I really don't remember the rest of the day. I had yoga which was easier but still kinda tough. Hopefully it will tone me up. Oh yea! I went to the gold museum to do my spanish assingment. It was very cool. I never went to a museum before by myself without having my mom drag me so I felt pretty accomplished. I realized this trip is making me even more independent. Nothing else happened that is worth mentioning expect I went to sleep early. I was proud of myself and I bought a hoodie as a gift for myself. It has the school logo on it.

*sidenote:* I might have already said this but it seems like I keep blowing through my money especially since everything is coming out of my pocket. This includes eating lunch and transportation everywhere.

- The Natural Travelista