Costa Rica: Day 8

6 a.m.- Geez I don’t want to get up…..its a SUNDAY!

But I got up. Breakfast was a disappointment. I get more food at my mama ticas house but next we were on our way to the ziplining site. I was nervous and excited all at once. I kept making jokes about how I need to wear a pamper or go to the the bathroom before I go. As soon as we arrived, we went straight in and the workers strapped me in a harness and then they took us to the instruction area. It was so confusing and I didn’t think I was going to get it but I did. There were 11 different ziplines the last 2 were the best with the most beautiful views.

*sidenote: I have NEVER walked up so many hills in my life. It was basically hiking*
Also in between the lines I did the Tarzan swing which was a 5 meter drop! At first I didn’t know it was apart of the canopy tour. I was so scared because if you don't go the people push you off. I had a few choice words while I was in the air. They said they were making another Tarzan swing that would be 40meters!
Once we returned to the hotel we got ready to head out and back to San Jose. We had 45min before we were leaving and I took advantage of it by using the internet until the very last minute! For some reason someone doesn’t want me having internet. I really don’t remember the ride home except when everyone stopped for lunch I stayed on the bus and slept. I think all the adventure took my appetite away becasue even when I came home I wasn’t hungry. I had the BEST sleep on that bus ride home. Now its 10pm. Going to bed a little early. Washed my hair and trying to update my blog and add pictures.
Buena Noche!
- The Natural Travelista