Costa Rica: Day 7

So I expected alot from this hotel but I had a cold shower with barely any water pressure. At least in San Jose I could have a little warmth but I forgot to mention last night that me and some friends met the owner of the restaurant and hotel. Then he walked with us to the back of the building and he called for someone and I thought it was a friend but we saw a horse peek out from behind the shed door. He let us pet him, feed him bananas and he let my friend give the horse some of her drink from the bottle but he was trying to eat the bottle instead, it was random but still fun.

But its 8am now and we are headed to Monteverde but on the way we stopped to do a hike that led to La Paz waterfall. The waterfall was so amazing! The hike took forever and I was in pain from all the hills but it was worth it. I got good pictures of the waterfall and the beautiful scenery. The water was so freaking cold! It took awhile to get use to it but I made the most of it. We did this very early in the morning and came back to the hotel to check out and eat in the town. I bought some gifts for people and almost bought a $40 bag! I’m glad I understand this colones system. Then after the shopping we met to take a shuttle, boat, and another shuttle to Monteverde.

 The bus had to take another route that took much longer. The last shuttle we took was on a very bumpy whinding road. If you never experienced motionsickness before, you would after that ride. It was all up hill with pot holes EVERYWHERE. o make the ride worthwhile our driver stopped and lest us take pics of the beautiful hills and mountains. He even played music for us……

Surprisingly even in Costa Rica these men listen to Justin Bieber. Its crazy! Finally we made it to the new hotel. Much improved from the last one. We had HOT WATER AND PRESSURE!. The rest of the night was pretty easy. We went to eat, looked at some shops and then went to a local club. A few people from our group was salsa dancing with some of the ticos.

Then we all came back and prepared for our 6:30 a.m. breakfast because we had to leave for zip lining in the morning.
Goodnight sleep tight!