Peace Corps Philippines: 2 Things I Learned While Using Periscope

I can’t spend tons of time on Periscope
I only get 1GB of internet per day and Periscope can easily consume that amount within a hour. This means I have to be strategic and plan accordingly against any work I need to do that requires internet. I will probably have to use periscope when I have travel or meetings scheduled for the day. This logic may sound flawed but it works for me. The more I keep busy with other tasks, the less likely I will use my internet. However, on a Saturday, where I may have more time on my hands, I am more likely to aimlessly surf the internet. 

I can’t use periscope at home.
I lead a broadcast at 7:00am Philippines Standard Time/7:00pm Eastern Standard Time which I believed to be a good time for couple of reasons. First, the time was convenient. I choose this time because people would be off work.   Second, this time provided good lighting. If I would conduct this broadcast in the evening. There would be terrible lighting and potentially a poorer quality. The only problem with my timing is that at 7am on a Saturday, my compound is most active. It was as if every sound was amplified. In this video you could hear my neighbor sweeping, people talking and playing ping pong, and the most annoying, the two roosters directly outside my window. So in the future I will have to find a better (quieter) space to conduct my broadcasts.


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- The Natural Travelista