7 Tips for Sending the Perfect Care Package

1. Shove it
Yes all the items above fit into this box. About a year ago, I received my first care package and it was in a large flat rate box. Since then I have been receiving more items in my box even though it has decreased in size. This box was measured at 10 inches all around. It is possible just make use of empty space and shove it all in.
2. Use ziplock bags


Not only do they protect our favorite snacks from being puncture but serve as waterproof protection. Use these to isolate liquids from destroying other items. Nothing is more devastating than eating chips ahoy that taste like Vo5 conditioner.  Volunteers find creative ways for ziplock bags.
3. Keep us healthy
Volunteer diets change drastically once service begins. Even though we maybe eating healthier in our country of service, we still need to feel balanced. Our favorite tea, Nutri-grain bars, trail mix, dried fruit, Airborne, or Emergen-C, will bring tears to our eyes.


4. Protect Us


Line the box with a trash bag that serves as an extra layer of protection. If there is damage to the box. The contents of the box won’t be scattered around the globe. Purchasing cookies in these “on-the-go" cups prevents these goodies from turning to crumbs on the journey. Also these lovely lids are added layer of defense against the harsh elements of rain and ants.
5. Entertain Us
With a two year commitment we are bound to miss out of a few things happening back home. However, try to keep us hip with the newest music, movies, and books. In addition to entertainment these can also be used as integration tools in our communities.
6. Surprise Us
As much as we love surprise care packages, we really like to know when to expect them so we can tell the postman to look out for our name also. It also allows us to gauge when we should start worrying about our package getting lost. However there are still ways to surprise us. Always include an inventory checklist, but maybe toss in some items we did not specifically ask for. You’ll get more bang for your buck as well. 
7. Spoil Us
Most volunteers are not placed in a capital city where Starbucks, H&M, Forever 21, or Lush are easily accessible. If volunteers are placed here their allowance will force them to think twice before buying that Iced White Chocolate Latte. Multiples are appreciated as well. Sending the volunteers favorite toothpaste? Why not send 3?!?!
What tips would you give for sending the BEST care packages?
- The Natural Travelista