Peace Corps Phillippines: Laua-an, Antique

I have been at my permanent site for almost three weeks now. I think it is well overdue to introduce my town to the rest of the world. I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Laua-an, Antique. Most people can point out the Philippines on a map but directing people to Laua-an may be a bit more difficult. NOT ANYMORE.

Take a look at the Philippines. 

 In the central part of the country, there is the island of Panay. 
On the western part of Panay Island resides the province is Antique. In this province, one of the central municipalities is Laua-an.

In Laua-an, there are about 23,808 people in the town spread across 40 Barangays. Barangays are the equivalent to small neighborhoods. My Barangay is Poblacion or Banwa, meaning the town proper.

(Credits to Mik-Mik)

Laua-an is known  for its production of muscovado (brown sugar) and the famous Pahinis Festival. This festival occurs every last week of January as a tribute to the muscovado industry and founding day of the municipality. Be sure to follow my blog to learn more about what my job entails as a Peace Corps Volunteer here in Laua-an, Antique.

-The Natural Travelista