Stalemate Between Me and the Brown Butterfly

Today I saw a brown butterfly in my room. Actually it is still here as I write this. It is big and it won't leave. I can't just kill it nit a butterfly. I want it to fly away unharmed. I tried fanning it and it held on for dear life. I positioned my electric fan toward it but the fan wasn't powerful enough. I pointed it out to my host mother, Nanay Lau and she told me it was a brown butterfly. I knew this by just looking at it but she stated it as if it were some sort of mystical creature. She went on to explain that in the Philippines there is a belief that if a brown butterfly flies into your home that means you are about to receive money. She told me not to shoo it away and I didn't. I instantly dropped my magazine and let the butterfly have the room while I went to eat my dinner. However, now it is almost time for me to sleep and we are having a standoff. It is going to be a long night. Money or not this thing has got to go!! It can come back in the morning though.

-The Natural Travelista