VIDEO: Homemade Coconut Oil

At my Mid - Service Training (MST) for Peace Corps, I was able to share with my batch mates a skill I learned while living with my host family. After numerous request, I finally showcased how I create coconut oil. Even though there are a few steps are involved, the process is very simple. As a volunteer put it quite simply. "You get the milk, you get the oil." Watch the video to see how to make your own coconut oil.



1. Get the brown coconut and retrieve the shavings. This can be used with a grinder (electric or manual) or a cheese grater.

2. Add a small amount of water to the coconut shreds (This creates the coconut milk)

3. Remove shreds from the milk and squeeze by hand to extract any extra moisture from the meat and set aside

4. Strain the coconut milk into a deep pan

5. With a burner or stovetop bring milk to a boil

6. Allow the milk to boil down, stirring occasionally

7. After you are left with just the oil and coconut meat, remove the coconut meat.

8. Let the oil cool and then transfer to your favorite container.

I figured I would try the cold press method next. It takes more time but it doesn't seem to require constant attention to the boil. Here is more information on the Cold Press Method

- The Natural Travelista