A Peace Corps Approach to Deep Conditioning

A brown out is a term used in the Philippines when referring to a power outage. When I try to explain this concept to family and friends they give a slight pause and ask, "So you mean a black out?" Well, they are similar but there are two things that make the brown-out different from blackouts in the United States; the frequency and the duration.

Brown outs occur a few times a month and more frequent during the rainy season. I've gotten use to unexpected brow outs three times a week. Also, these outages can last a short minute or as long as ten hours. Yeah, that was on a Sunday during hair wash day. 
Now what is a girl to do when there is no electricity and a deep conditioning treatment is in order? Improvise, of course!
Here is an easy 3- Step process for deep conditioning without the use of appliances 

Step 1: Apply Deep Conditioning treatment to damp hair

- I use the Ayurvedic Deep Treatment Brahmi Root Hair Masque by L.A.C.E. Naturals and a bit of coconut oil
Step 2: Apply four layers to cover you hair 
- My layers include a plastic cap, satin bonnet, satin hair wrap, and satin lined slouch beanie by Knots and Tangles Crochet Works
Step 3: Sit and simmer 
- I usually do yard work to let the sun and my natural body heat allow moisture to penetrate the hair strands
 And that's it!
Rinse out the product and continue with the rest of your hair wash regimen.


How do you deep condition your hair?
-The Natural Travelista