Trial and Error: Crochet Braids in the 'Pines

Never ever Ever EVER Wear Crochet Braids in the Philippines

Ok I may be exaggerating but seriously, I wouldn’t recommend it. The Philippines has two seasons: hot and hottest. Of course I would choose the hottest season to put in crochet braids and within 4 days I was regretting it. I used Marley hair that was reused from the Marley twist that I had in July. I thought MY hair was dry feeling, but this stuff had a rough texture and felt like wool sweater on the top of my head. I could not deal with the constant feeling of a Brillo pad rubbing on the back of my neck. 

I can’t braid but I tried anyway because I’m determined to learn. Well I braided it but I did not do the correct braiding pattern so there are a few gaps and sections that were exposed. The hair was also recycled so there was no defined curl pattern which made the knots near the scalp more noticeable. After manipulating the hair to no avail, I finally took out the hair after 5 days. Next up, I will try box braids or Marley twists. That is, if anyone finally decides to send me some hair!!!

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- The Natural Travelista