Beauty Without Rebonding

Am I the only one that feels I need to moisturize my hair 3x a day?

Where am I suppose to find a good deep conditioner?

To make matters worse, all the hair product I find when walking into Robinson’s or SM department store contains sulfates or other ingredients that hinder a naturalistas hair journey. But where do we go to share experiences about washing our hair with just a bucket and pail?

Now you have an event to connect, collaborate and celebrate natural hair. The International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD) Presented by Design Essentials is coming to the Philippines

Join us as we celebrate natural hair, learn about hair care and discuss the challenges of having curly hair in a culture that revolves around "rebonding"

At this event you can expect:

  • Live hair  braiding demonstration from Peace Corps Volunteer, Chanelle Clark
  • Do-It-Yourself coconut oil demonstration 
  • Question and Answer Forum
  • Product Swap of New or Used shampoo, conditioner, or other hair care products

Sounds fun right? Go ahead and reserve your ticket TODAY!
These pictures are both flat twist outs I did on my hair. It looks like a before and after, right? Wrong! The one on the right if from the International Natural Hair Meetup Day last year. The picture on the left is from the Philippines a few months ago. 

It seems like my hair went from shine, bounce and fullness to undefined, dry, lackluster fluff. Don’t get me wrong, I have still come a long way from the beginning of my hair journey to now.

February 2013
March 2015

Space is limited so don’t miss out on this one of a kind event. 
If you haven’t done so already, RSVP HERE.

P.S. It's more fun in the Philippines!

-The Natural Travelista