Govern By Decree

Venezuelan Presidentt Nicolas Maduro has started a large scale war on corruption in his country. In his efforts to show "no tolerance" he is requesting powers by the National Assembly to govern by decree to better handle this growing issue.

Governing by decree would allow President Maduro to bypass the need for legislative approval for the laws he would enact. Even though he has stated that he will arrests any violators regardless of political affiliation he makes it known that the issue is more prevalent in his opposition.

President Maduro has taken steps to set an example in this campaign. He arrested lower-level officials in his party and notably attacking leaders of the opposition.

Although admiral in theory, Maduro's crusader attempts seems to raise eyebrows. Most people agree that corruption has actually increased since Maduro took office and that this must be a insincere attempt due to the proximity of fast approaching elections.

Do you think "governing by decree" is the right thing for the country?

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