Day 15: Domingo Libre/Free Sunday

Today is Costa Rica Day 15. Its my first free Sunday and I am taking advantage of it. I woke up around 11 and I only got up then because I didn’t want to seem like a lazy bum and I didn’t know if my mama tica made breakfast. So I ate the brunch she sat out for us. I just enjoyed the free day. I uploaded pics, caught up on my blog, cleaned my room, did some homework. That was my most productive day….BUT.....

Little did I know there was a plot lingering in the background. 

My roommate rushed out the house and I asked where she was going and she said “out with friends” I thought she was just blowing me off and indirectly telling me to get out of her business. Later when our family comes home I go downstairs to talk to them and I see 3 of my friends with my family. They “said” that they were walking around and they wanted to see if I wanted to go with them and they arrived at the same time as my family. I say ok and we leave to walk around and visit their home. After awhile my roommate tells me we should probally go home because we need to eat dinner. I was wondering when she started to become so worried about eating dinner but I ignored her strange comment and my three friends walked me home.

As we are walking I’m wondering why there is music coming from the house. I thought my tica family was having a occasion. They seem to have family and friends over frequently but I never heard them play music before I thought it was just a day they wanted to hear music. When I walked in I see my ENTIRE tica family and they just say hey! I thought I was coming home to a Sunday gathering. Then I see 2 other friends sitting in the back of my living room. I was wondering why they were there. Maybe came looking for me and I wasn’t home. It wasn’t until I saw the birthday cake that I realized this was my suprise birthday party.!! (I was completely clueless)

The reason why my three friends were at my house was NOT because they were walking around but because they showed up too early and my roommate left earlier with no explanation because she didnt want to have to explain anything to me and she was the coordinator of the suprise party so she was getting things together.

I had alot of fun! My sunday ended great!
Javonni McGlaurin