Costa Rica: Day 14

Up at O dark thirty again. Had a quick breakfast then walked to the school. Most of the trip I slept. But we stopped at a coffee plantation and then went to the volcano. But it was raining so we had to buy rain gear and it was so cloudy we didn’t even see the volcano. What made me even more upset is that I bought a $10 rain jacket that I thought would last during this trip….it ripped after I bought it and then CONTINUED to rip during the day until the entire left side was open. I had a hoodie that I brought me as well so I wasn’t too wet.
Eventually the weather did clear up when we arrived at the waterfall resort. The food buffett food was amazing. As a group we all piled our plates and ate like we were deprived food this entire time. We saw so many animals at the resort. I felt like I was really going through a rainforest/safari. My pictures say it all. Now we are heading out and may go out tonight for part II of my birthday weekend.
Later that night: Ok so I just got home and ate dinner, relaxed and tried to figure out what was going on for the night. It was alot of chaos but we ended up going to some clubs and just having a good time. It wasn't alot of us but we made it fun. I didn’t get home until 2am but I get to sleep in on Sunday!

- The Natural Travelista