Peace Corps Philippines: Best Day of Service? 12 Reasons Why

This was probably my best day of service and it didn't even include work or traveling more than 500 meters. This morning my body betrayed me and decided to wake at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday. With no work to do, I spent the morning tidying up the house and then planned on spending a quiet afternoon on the beach. The afternoon was far from quiet. Some of the boys I see around were playing basket ball and the crowd of kids slowly grew. So here is what happens when you spend the afternoon on the beach with the neighborhood children...

1. You watch the boys play basketball.

2. You watch them take down the hoop...

3. ... to make it taller...

4. ....and watch them put it back up.

5. You paint a young girls nails (and many other girls) so she can look like you.

6. Boys go crazy with selfies

7. They take a "groufie"

8. Of course you have to join in.

9. They practice yoga...

10. ...while you practice photography composition

11. A dance party breaks out

(Little guy in the front has NO desire to do the Nae Nae)

12. The beach turns into a runway.

To all Peace Corps Volunteers: What's your best day of service?

- The Natural Travelista