Hunting for a Hair Salon

Originally posted February 2019

Thank goodness for learning how to take care of my own hair because being on the go and trying to find a trustworthy hair salon or stylist is DIF-FI-CULT! I had the same stylist since I was 10 years old and when she decided to change career paths, I was devastated, and it wasn’t until now that I think I have found a place to call home.


When I was younger, I went to a hair salon frequently but that was only because my mother would take me along with her, but once I went to college I was on my own; left to my own devices. Getting my hair done was based upon recommendations of classmates and annual visits back home. There was also a local hair salon across from campus that I was brave enough to explore. I was nervous venturing into a salon without anyone vouching for them but I was pretty surprised because the stylist I went to did wonders with a silk wrap.

After college, I was moving into a different stage in both my career and my hair journey. I had just become natural and I was not living a nomadic life on the East coast. Thus, the struggle began. I was never in the same place long enough to find people to get recommendations from or if I did get a recommendation, they were super reputable stylist that were booked for months and most times I may have only been in time for a few weeks.

Fast forward to today, I now have a home base in the DC area and I was on the hunt once again for a place that could not just “do” my hair but actually take care of it and maintain the health of it. It was quite a process finding “the perfect fit.” Most of my search was done using Instagram hashtags (ex: #dcstylist #dcnaturalhairstylist #dmvhair #dmvhairstyles, #dmvnaturalhair) or the recommendations feature on facebook. I would do this and specifically tag people tag people in the area that I see with flawless hair.

Once, I had a list of stylist or salons to explore, I had to narrow them down based on the following equation: (S/L) +P2. Meaning services over location plus price and portfolio. It all came down to services offered, price, and portfolio of hair done. These were all very crucial factors for me and they all had to balance each other out. Nothing too expensive but nothing to cheap. If you offer cheap prices, I want to see you portfolio to make sure the styles are not poor quality. If the quality is good, I then want to see what what services are offered. On Instagram, I saw a lot great hair and prices but they were only weaves or wigs. I was looking for someone that could do twists, trims, blowouts and rod sets. After finding someone with a variety of services I was then looking for location. This wasn’t a deal breaker. I would drive out to Maryland if it was worth it but it would be great if I could find something a bit closer to home and after one lengthy Instagram search later, I landed on Aesthetics Hair salon.

This is a black-owned boutique salon with upscale design in Arlington, Virginia. The owner is personal hairstylist to my birthday twin, Michelle Obama, and other celebs like Tracee Ellis Ross. (Credentials: Check). I haven’t personally had my hair done by the owner, nor have I met her in person but her staff or friendly, professional, and have great customer service skills. From the moment I sent an email inquiring about services and availability to the time I walk out with hair flowing in the wind they have you covered. I started going in January and I’ve only been going once a month, but I have had a flexi-rod set ($75), and a wash, flat iron, and style ($70). So far I’m really enjoying my experience at Aesthetics and I think this is my new salon home.

Javonni McGlaurin