Feeling sick? What is your "go to" style?

This week I have been feeling under the weather. It can be blamed on a few factors. Traveling? Climate change? Lack of sleep? Who knows? But what I do know is that I have unknowingly found a protective style for the times I feel a cold coming. 

Summer 2014
Fall 2013
Now look at these times side by side?
Notice any similarities? 
1. Protective updo. Left side are single braids up in a bun. Right side are Marley twist up in a bun

2. Hipster glasses. When I get cold-like symptoms my eyes feel and look weak. So I use hipster glasses to frame my face and add flare. 

3. Neck covering. It can be a scarf or a sweater but I have to feel warm and covered. It can be 80 degrees out but my chest with feel cool and exposed. 

What are your go to styles when you're feeling ill?