Naturals Compete for Crown as Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina

Gone are the days when our sisters, nieces, and daughters are punished for wearing their manes in its natural state. Gone are the days when young ladies are unable wear their curls on any given date, but on April 12th natural hair will be celebrated. 

It is the Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina Natural Hair Beauty Pageant and the first pageant of its kind in Columbia, South Carolina. 10 days from now, ten ladies will showcase their  
poise, personality, intelligence, charm, and their naturally afro-ethnic textured hair on a pageant runway. 

This goes beyond a swimsuit competition. A unique component of the competition is the "Hair" category where these ladies will show off their creative and ambitious natural hair styles. Contestants will also wear career attire and answer interview questions similar to as if they were at a job interview.
One of those natural beauties will walk away with the crown demonstrating as much pride, honor and prestige as Miss America or Miss Universe.

My hope is that this redefinition of beauty will start a trend and spread across the country. The Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina was founded by Jessica Boyd and Maureen Ochola who also started Columbia's first specialty beauty supply store, Quench SC.  It seems as if Columbia is making strides to be the leading city promoting the natural hair movement. 

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