Trial and Error: Airport Hair Pt. 3


To all my naturals: 

I am really starting to believe that the TSA is out to get us! I've been natural a little over a year now and this is my third time having my hair patted down. First in the Orlando airport at 5am. Please refer to Airport Hair Part 1 post. The next two times were both at the St. Louis-Lambert airport. I thought maybe it had something to do with big hairstyles I was wearing. Puffs, pompadours, etc. but this time I had my hair flat twisted underneath a beanie.

The previous times I was patted down wasn't too bad. The TSA workers seemed just as uncomfortable about it as I was. Not this time! This lady showed no mercy on my head. I felt like I was getting a full scalp massage in the middle of the airport. She had me tilt my head down and practically pushed my beanie off. I kept the beanie on as I went into the scanner assuming they were going to ask me to take the beanie off, if I would have known that was going to happen I would have taken it off voluntarily. 

The picture on the left is something I copied to my Instagram from a Buzzfeed list but it's ironic because the picture on the right is how I wore my hair was flying home and no one blinked twice at my twist out.

I'm going to get this airport hair right eventually people!