Understanding Conditioners

Conditioning natural hair is an integral part of one hair regimen, but just like not all hair is created equal, neither are conditioners. Read about the different type of conditioners and see what is best for YOUR hair.


What does it do? A moisturizing conditioner restores moisture missing from fragile, dry damaged hair. 

When to use it? Of course when you hair is dry, which maybe often, but it can often be used seasonly. When you notice the summer months zapping out the moisture you will want to use it more frequently than in the winter months.

How do you use it? Make sure the hair is coated evenly. Too many times we pour conditioner in our hands just to have half of it go down the drain. If you "see" the product sitting on your hair you have used too much. You don't have to see the conditioner to know that it is working.


What does it do? Besides providing extra moisture, it helps making your hair easier to manipulate when it is dry. It also helps eliminate product build-up from natural hair.

When to use it? Take the time to apply a good leave-in when wearing a wash-and-go style.

How do you use it? There are 2 different types of leave-ins. Spray-In is best for thicker hair because it doesn't leave build-up while a cream leave-in conditioner is best for thin hair. Leave-in conditioners should be distributed evenly throughout the hair and NOT rinsed out.


What does it do? A deep conditioner restores pH balance and any other nutrients lost from heat, coloring.

When to use it? Whenever you have just had a color treatment or you have gone a extended amount of time without replenishing moisture in your hair.

How do you use it? Most deep conditioners require some sort of heat like sitting under a dryer but placing plastic cap and a hot towel on your head will achieve the same effect.


What does it do? A color-safe conditioner prevents your color treated hair from being stripped and give your color a extra pop.

When to use it? Use this conditioner if you want to keep your hair color refreshed. This will preserve the brightness and newness of the shade.

How do you use it? Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner during your weekly routine. If your shampoo and conditioner are both color-safe. It is less likely for your hair to be "confused" 


What does it do? A volumizing conditioner helps build up the volume in the hair shaft. It acts as a thickening agent for your natural hair.

When to use it? If your hair tends to be limp and flat, mostly women with thin hair.

How do you use it? All thats needed is a few quarter-sized drops, but this varies depending on the length of your hair. Use the same way you would use a rinse out conditioner.