2014 Natural Hair Goals

1. Moisturize more: 
Usually when I wake up I remove my satin cap, fluff my hair and go. This causes dryness that could be prevented if I moisture my hair everyday or every other day.

2. Reduce my hair products: 
I would call myself a product junkie when I started going natural but I have improved. I no longer pick up products because I saw a review on YouTube but now I pick up products when I actually need them. Also, I'm not afraid to donate my products to newly naturals, friends, or local hair swaps.

3. Retain Length: 
I want to reduce the risk of breakage and even continue to grow my hair out. This means you will see me with a lot more protective styles as the year progresses.

4. Detangle with more Tender, Love & Care
There have been too many times when I feel my hair snag or hear it snap and its because I'm rushing through the detangling process. Using TLC, I will make sure my hair is properly cared for so I don't cause unnecessary breakage.

5. Blog more my hair while traveling: 
This year, instead of just taking trips without thought I plan to document the experience with photos, videos and blog post and showing how my hair reacts to the traveling lifestyle.

6. Move away from "HIH" Syndrome: 
I have severe "hand in hair" syndrome. Pretty much my entire life, I love playing in my hair but now I can start to see the frizz and dryness that I'm causing. No more! Protective styles and a strict no hand rule for me.

7. Accept my shrinkage: 
I'm aware this is part of the journey but it still doesn't eliminate the disappointment from a wash-n-go that starts off great and two hours later it looks like a crunchy fro. My shrinkage is there to stay so I'm going to make the most of it.

8. Better understand MY hair: 
MY HAIR. Not everyone else's. Not the hair typing scale but understanding whats best for my curls. The Instagram accounts are a great source of inspiration but I cannot mimic those styles. I can only adapt them to my liking.