Throwback Thursday: 90s Black Hair

Curly fro: More than likely due to her fabulous bantu knots. How is it that she could rock bantu knots like no other but I end up looking like I should be on a sci-fi flick.

Candy curls: Achieved with half a jar of black gel and isoplus hairspray to make this style last a month with no fly aways.

Layered haircut: If you are going to rock it straight. Gotta get the layers!

90's Hair: Poetic Justice Braids
Box Braids: This once shunned style has now become a timeless classic in the braid world. Neat and sassy Poetic Justice braids

Micro braids: AKA, Brandy braids. You would hardly catch a episode of Moesha without them.

My how history repeats itself. Today people still wear micro braids, box braids, and curly fro. 
Who remembers these? Do you have any #TBT hairstyles?