1 Year Blog Anniversary

The Natural Travelista is 1 Year Old!

A year ago today I was sitting at my kitchen table that I deemed my office space for blogging. I sat at the kitchen table retracing my steps, doubting myself wondering whether or not a had enough content to begin, making sure links worked, counting down the minutes until showtime. Finally at 4:44pm Central Standard Time, The Natural Travelista went LIVE! Even though my readership was limited there was much excitement on my end and lots of promise for the direction of this new endeavor. 

I want to send a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone in my life that has supported The Natural Travelista. It doesn't matter if you visit my blog everyday, every week or just when you take a look to see what new stuff I have come out with, everything is appreciate. Please continue to spread the word and let everyone know about The Natural Travelista. Last December seems so far away but somehow the later part of the year began to rev up speed and now I am staring at the door to 2015.

Major Accomplishments from the past year:
Guest Contributor for Global Couture Blog
Celebrated a One Year Hair Anniversary
Launched Naturals International Series

Went to Las Vegas for the FIRST TIME!

Guest blogger for the International Natural Hair Meetup Day -Saint Louis
Swore in as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines
Launch HBCUs Abroad Campaign



If you have time today, leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about The Natural Travelista and what you want to see more of this next year. 

- The Natural Travelista

Javonni McGlaurin