HBCUs Abroad Presents: Brie

Meet Brie Merritt

Greenville, South Carolina
Xavier University of Louisiana, May 2015
Mass Communication 
Minor: Political Science

     What was your motivation for studying abroad?
     To see other multicultural communities and to experience living in a different part of the world.

     What is your favorite memory from study abroad? 

   The opportunity to visit Santorini Greece for Spring break and getting to experience their culture through food, music, and people.

What was the toughest thing about studying abroad? 
     The toughest part about studying abroad was the subconscious withdrawl of missing home.

  How has your experience abroad helped your personal development?
    My experience studying abroad provided a raw platform for me to genuinely discover who I truly was. Without the comforts of the world or environment I was familiar with. My experience has helped me become more independent, crave adventure and unafraid to try anything my heart desires.

     How has study abroad impacted your global awareness? 

   It gave me a first class look on the cities multiculturalism and the hierarchy of class that went along with it.


How has study abroad impacted your education and/or career?

    It has influenced me to be comfortable starting my career anywhere. Either nationally or internationally and to be confident that I will succeed wherever life takes me!

     What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying abroad? 
Do it! Do not complete your undergraduate education and not have studied abroad. The valuable and moral lessons that you learn abroad are those that you cannot and will be aquired by staying home. Push yourself to try something new, and when you are abroad visit multiple countries; no two are the same. I promise it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.


How can people contact you for more information?



Facebook: Brie Merritt 

Twitter: @AmericanaNoir

Instagram: @AmericanaNoir 

Thank you Brie!
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- The Natural Travelista