HBCUs Abroad Presents: Caden

Meet Britney (Caden) Wright

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
North Carolina A&T University, May 2014
Visual Art and Design

Caden’s art is usually expressive of her life experiences, cherished memories, innovative ideas, and aspiring thoughts that she believes her audience should absorb. The majority of her earlier works are renderings of her cherished memories and experiences, while her later work is more driven by her curiosity and questioning ideas. In the work of Caden Wright the sunflower is something that reoccurs. To her, the sunflower is a symbol of happiness because of its emotional relevance to her past.  Caden uses a vast range of mediums, which include watercolor, oil, acrylic also she avidly uses the camera. She first studied photography abroad in Costa Rica. Her photography exhibits ecological relationships, capturing the relationships that living organisms have with each other and their natural environments. 

What was your motivation for studying abroad?

My motivation for studying abroad was to become fluent in the Spanish language.  

What is your favorite memory from study abroad?

It is too difficult to name a memory more favorable than another, but my most memorable moment was when I first arrived and walked outside of the airport. The way the air smelled and felt to my skin, how different the ambience sound, and everything to sight was in Spanish. I knew my adventure had begun and there was no turning back.

What was the toughest thing about studying abroad?

The toughest thing about studying abroad was being without the people you love and depend on for a long time.

How has your experience abroad helped your personal development?

My experience abroad helped my personal development by allowing me to find parts of myself that I didn’t know existed.  I was able to come out of my shell and become more comfortable with who I am. The distance from the people I knew and love allowed for an escape to all expectations of me. This significantly aided in my personal growth.

How has study abroad impacted your global awareness?

Before having been abroad I had a very small view of the world outside of the U.S. I thought that all other countries faced extreme poverty. I expected dirt roads, homes and school to be built of mud and sticks and to eat things that would repulse the average citizen of the U.S.

Going abroad impacted my global awareness greatly. I learned that not all economies suffered and that most countries have functioning governments, health care and school systems. 

How has study abroad impacted your education and/or career?

Since my experience abroad I have become more marketable in my career. Becoming bi lingual is my greatest achievement from studying abroad.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying abroad?

To someone thinking about studying abroad I would say “Don’t be scared. Do it. Go have a life changing experience.”

How can people contact you for more information?
Email: cadenkwright@gmail.com
Website/Blog: www.cadenwright.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtistCadenWright?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cada_Bae
Instagram: @_artgeek001  
Instagram2: @_artbycaden

Thank you Caden!
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