Costa Rica: Day 23, 24, and 25

Today was a strange day. Monday I just took down my hair and I have been wearing it crinkly and natural all week. Yesterday night I went with my group to Terramall to watch Tron. The movie was in english with Spanish subtitles. It was like a cinema cafe where we watched the movie and ordered food. Including crepes and sushi.

Then I set my alarm last night but apparently it had another agenda because this morning my alarm did not go off and I woke up a hour late. For breakfast we had a hamburger…..I don’t know if she didn’t feel like cooking or she was trying to cater to our american taste buds. Ha! Well class was the longest class of my life. I was happy to leave.
Today I found out a guy in our program left and went back to the United States. That was a little shocking because we just made it through one month. I don’t know what his reasons were but it affected me because he was in my group to present in my class today and he was in charge of the powerpoint but the teacher told us we do not have to go until next week.

- The Natural Travelista