Internship Abroad in Costa Rica: Part 1

Dia uno de mi Pasantía/Day 1 of my internship
At 9am I met with Don Francisco in order to visit the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica. Don Fransico is the founder of the Centro de Amigos para la Paz (Center for Friends of the Peace). Most of the day was spent meeting with Congressmen (Diputados) to find a spot for me to work. First potential location was with the Commission of International Relations. She is the Director of the Committee for International Relations. In between the visits with Congressmen I was also receiving a tour from Don Francisco on the history of Costa Rica and the Presidents. Some of the topics discussed are listed below:
Independence of Costa Rica in 1848
President Calderon
8 Chiefs of State when Costa Rica was a part of the five provinces of Central America 
Pablo Presbere
Important Declarations of Costa Rica
Secretary de Oscar de Faro (President of Latin America Parliament) y Constenla 

Ricardo Castro Calvo is the Cheif of Staff for the President “El Jefe de Despacho de la presidencia.” The actual translation took a while to understand. He is the miracle worker that printed my acceptance into the Congress and tomorrow when I go to human resources I will get my photo I.D. 

I watched a Commission of Government and Administration discussing a law project to allow the municipal governments to transfer municpal properties to Heredia, a providence in Costa Rica. This is similar to a subcommittee meeting with testimonies from experts and their opinion of the bill. 

- The Natural Travelista